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The Yes Man

The Man sez: Yay! Journaling! Enough celebration.

I have this problem where people offer me money to do unpleasant things and I say yes. It could be impossibly inconvenient, physically draining or disgusting, even straight up insulting ("You babysit, right?" as though a 28 year old gainfully employeed college educated woman living a hour away from the asker has nothing to do on a Friday evening...) (no insult to any other person who fulfills one or more of those categories and does indeed babysit but I have, like, no interest in babysitting ever again. STOP ASKING.) and I just mutter "...ok, I'll do it." People think my mom gets me these cherry jobs, like there is some stock ticker-esque device my mother keeps beside her desk that spits out something other than crappy, low-paying drudgery. That's why I'm here (the place where I actually am right now, which is what I lovvvvvvingly refer to as "Second Job") at 6:fucking17 pm on a perfectly gorgeous Thursday afternoon in late May instead of almost literally anywhere else. I would tour a sanitation plant right now if I had less of a sense of obligation. Actually, I would tour a sanitation plant regarless - that shit is interesting HEY-OH! Stop flushing flushable wipes, PS. Look it up. Ummmmmm, oh, so I agreed like a dipshit to help my mom's coworker with childcare for this stupid meeting that is supposed to have childcare but the previous people who agreed to this crapployment opportunity just effin' flaked over and over. That's how I get these jobs, coworkers. People come to my mom in desperation and she throws me under a fucking (school)bus. This is a thing I work on with my therapist, my inability to disappoint. Guh. Okay, time to make the donuts.
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